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Investment Objectives

The BlueStar TA-BIGITech Israel Technology ETFTM is the first ETF created to provide investors with diversified exposure to the dynamic Israeli technology sector. Although only a handful of Israeli technology companies are household names, collectively the Israeli technology sector is a major innovator, developer and supplier within the global technology ecosystem. These companies are at the forefront of most technologically disruptive industries, including cybersecurity, big data, high powered computing and networking equipment, autonomous driver assistance and safety, clean energy, biotechnology and medical devices.

The ITEQTM ETF seeks to provide investment results that, before fees and expenses, correspond generally to the price and yield performance of the TASE-BlueStar Israel Global Technology IndexTM ( TA-BIGITechTM ), an index of more than 60 Israeli technology companies listed on the Tel Aviv, Nasdaq, NYSE, London Stock Exchange, and Singapore Exchange.

Our Philosophy

The BlueStar TA-BIGITechTM Israel Technology ETF was launched by ITEQ ETF Partners LLC, an affiliate of BlueStar Global Investors LLC.

BlueStar Indexes® was founded to provide investors the broadest, deepest and most complete benchmarks for Israeli asset classes. BlueStar believes that the rigid “one-size-fits-all” philosophy of many global index providers does not always result in the most representative benchmarks. The shortcomings inherent in the methodologies of those index providers shortchange investors seeking a comprehensive and cost-efficient way to access the dynamic Israeli economy via its equity market. BlueStar’s proprietary index construction methodology addresses those shortcomings by including Israeli companies regardless of listing venue.

The TA-BIGITechTM Index that is tracked by the Bluestar TA-BIGITechTM Israel Technology ETF applies the same methodology to Israel’s technology sector.

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Index Construction

The TA-BIGITechTM Index was originally developed by BlueStar Indexes and the International Securities Exchange. It was later adopted by the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange. The Index has been maintained by BlueStar Indexes and the International Securities Exchange since its inception. The index’s ticker symbol is BGTHNTR.

The Index is rebalanced twice a year in June and December. BlueStar Indexes is advised by the BlueStar Index Advisory Committee and the heads of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange’s research and index departments. At each review period BlueStar follows the following steps to determine the index constituent weights

ITEQ ETF-Index Construction